Energy Efficient Concept Aircraft.

University essay from KTH/Farkost och flyg

Author: Linus Flodin; Oscar Hag; [2012]

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Abstract: A concept study for an environmentally friendly aircraft is made with the help of mathematical models. The aircraft has a capacity of 4 passengers and is powered by electrical engines and lithium-air batteries so that no greenhouse gases are emitted. The aim of the study is to find a concept that can compete with today’s petrol powered aircraft, with applications in entertainment flying and transportation. Flight conditions such as steady state flight and steady climbing are modeled to estimate the performance of the aircraft and to find the most efficient way to fly. A static stability analysis is made to determine a geometry for which the aircraft is statically stable in pitch. The study shows that a canard configuration together with pusher contra rotating propellers is a good way to design a very efficient aircraft. It is also found out that the most energy efficient way to climb is to use a high rate of climb and a low velocity and that it can be profitable to increase the weight of the aircraft with more batteries.

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