Optimizing Shopping Centres – A Case Study of Farsta Centrum

University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande; KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


The purpose of this essay is to examine the possibilities for Farsta Centrum so they can

increase their visitor count to avoid losing customers in favor of online shopping. It is

investigated through several hypotheses that were formed. To accomplish this, a case study

which consists of two parts has been completed. Firstly, a literature review was the basis for

the hypotheses that investigates previous work concerning the subject. Secondly a

questionnaire has been designed based on a standard model with attitude statements and a 7- point Likert scale. The questionnaire was then handed out to consumers as well as employees with a managerial role in the stores at Farsta Centrum. After this the answers were reviewed and analyzed based on average values.

The results show that multi-channel shopping is not yet fully integrated with online shopping

at Farsta Centrum. However other hypotheses were confirmed, for example that customer

loyalty is important and that customers will prefer self-scanning. Therefore, two ways are

presented to increase the visitor count to the center based on the results of the report. Firstly to pressure the stores to maintain a virtual store and secondly to force them to use self-scanning where appropriate.

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