The Importance of Utility within Information Systems

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: This candidate thesis is written with the purpose to develop knowledge about utility and tounderstand utility in information systems.The actual problem we faced was to understand if a systemprovided the right kind of functionality for its users and also, if the utility provided was sufficient. Asoftware suite developed by Volvo IT, called Tech Tool allowed us to practice our study and gaindeeper understanding about utility in information systems. The empirical data used in this studyconsists of experiences from the respondents, gathered in a semi structured interview. Based on theempirical data acquired, we were able to understand the issues at hand and also helped us drawconclusions about further work needed to be done. The general utility provided by Tech Tool issufficient in most cases but sometimes, user find it hard to complete their tasks due to errors ormissing information or simply, lack of utility in certain areas. We also found out that usability playeda vital role along with utility to create a usable system. This research was conducted at a Volvo IToffice in Gothenburg.

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