At the Space in Between

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Andy Rodríguez; [2019]

Keywords: Gnesta; medborgarhus; glas; betong; tegelsten;

Abstract: My project for a civic hall in Gnesta has the overriding idea to face the square, where the streets Storgatan and Torggatan cross. I think this appeals to the strength of the site as it is a public building, but also, because the lake Frösjön is placed like a backdrop from that perspective. The design concept is to frame the site with two imposing buildings and to create an interesting room at the space in between, the place for an atrium. At the space in between, certain parts of the civic hall will be exposed as public from the viewpoint inside the atrium, bathed in sunlight. The public environment will be experienced as being outside, yet one is inside. The glass is meant to allow for experiencing the weather outside by its transparency. The façade in brick of the two building volumes become the loadbearing walls for the inside of the atrium – adding to the feeling of being outside.

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