Configuration Management Improvement - Stream-overview generator

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: Context: Configuration management is one of the important supportprocesses within IT. Configuration management is involved in IT phases suchas design, development, test and deployment.Stream overview as an important document for communication with teams; ithelps people to determining the project strategy. Stream overview generatorcan play an important role in configuration management.Objective: This thesis will identify the gap in configuration management.The master thesis project consists of finding a solution to visualize andmaintain project stream overview. The research report is valuable to peopleinvolved in configuration management who want to improve the workprocess.Method: Concerning the configuration management in real industry, theresearch study has been carried out with case study methodology. This thesiswas performed at the IXR (Interventional X-Ray) department in Philipshealthcare.Results: The necessary visual elements are defined, and the stream overviewgenerator was created based on the research results. The stream overviewgenerator allows configuration managers to create and maintain the streamoverview.Conclusion: The stream overviews for planning propose is essential to have agood solution.The proposed model of stream overview generator shows howto deal with the issues on planning and maintaining the stream overview inthe configuration management process.

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