Migrating monolithic system to domain-driven microservices : Developing a generalized migration strategy for an architecture built on microservices

University essay from KTH/Hälsoinformatik och logistik

Abstract: As monolithic software grows in complexity, they tend to reach a point where further improvements and maintenance become a significant burden. Therefore, Many organizations consider moving components of their systems into separate microservices. Distributed systems with loosely coupled microservices tend to become more manageable involving development, deployment, and maintenance.  Transitioning from a monolithic architecture to an architecture based on microservices is not straightforward. The purpose of this thesis is to study and develop a strategy for extracting microservices from a pre-existing monolithic system. It also intends to provide concepts for how to investigate and carry out migrations.  The results showed that serverless computing would serve the system in question well while simultaneously leveraging DevOps principles across an entire domain. In conclusion, the strategy was summed up in several steps that represent the initiation towards full migration. Further research needs to be conducted on avoiding abrupt interruptions of services during migration and how to share data effectively across services and domains. 

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