In My Head, On My Head

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/HDK - Högskolan för design och konsthantverk

Author: Mona Mahmoodzadeh; [2016-08-19]

Keywords: konsthantverk; smyckekonst; Crafts; Jewellery Art;

Abstract: In this project, my aim has been to recreate scenes which make my heart beat a bit faster. Scenes which bring smiles on my face the moment I cast my eyes on them. Scenes which raise excitement within me, taking me on a ride of longing, curiosity and fantasies. Through this project, I have come to understand the importance of looking within me and empowering the thoughts and interests which grow inspiration and spark fire in me. I chose to work with hats due to the value they once held amongst men in the olden day Iran and the strong roots of formality entangling them. The combination of such culturally and historically rich objects together with my young romanticized thoughts has been an inspiring journey for me. This project was followed by the idea of creating large showcase body related objects. I wanted to work in dimensions larger than the usual sizes of jewelry I have experience working with. I wanted them to draw attention and take over a room with their presence through for example their forms, colors, light, sound, dimensions.

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