Communication at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency : an investigation of the communication between the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administration Boards

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: This thesis investigates what a sample of employees the Swedish County Administration Boards think of their communication with the Natural Resources Department at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Further the study includes an investigation of how employees at the Natural Resources Department perceive their external and internal communication. The result shows that in general the external communication between the counties and the Natural Resources Department works well but there are however some problems. The main problems mentioned are that the counties sometimes receive mixed messages from different units within the department and also that the county administrators want more face-to-face meetings with employees at the department. The internal communication is also perceived as problematic by some of the informants. The main conclusion is that it is important to improve the internal communication before the problems with the mixed messages to the counties can be prevented. The internal communication can be strengthened by encouraging and improving relations between the different units.

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