Creation of Customer Value Proposition. A case study of Swedbank

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: IIIAbstractRecently, research has raised attention to the importance of addressing customer value for the future survival on the market. The appropriate management of customer value could potentially contribute with competitive advantages in the ever-changing and digital-heavy setting being present today. The objective of this thesis is, by using the case study of Swedbank with a qualitative approach, to gain an understanding of what is creating customer value today based on modernized prerequisites. There are indications from the theoretical review in this research that in the ambition of creating superior customer value propositions today, it is significant to consider customer relationship management. Besides the increased customer power in the customer-company relationship, the demands and expectations of the customer are increasingly essential to take into account for the actors in the banking industry. The empirical findings establish that Swedbank has indeed reacted to the emerged contemporary environment by improving the organizational structure, which entails increased opportunities. Stemming from this are the emerged customer value creators at Swedbank. These are vital to stress for a fruitful long-term relationship with the customer. The final recommendations suggest considerations for how to capture the benefits of these customer value creators with the purpose to deliver superior customer value propositions, and thus achieve high customer satisfaction.

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