PORTRAYAL OF ADOPTION IN SWEDISH NEWS MEDIA. A transitivity analysis of social actors in the 2018 Chile adoption news story.

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: The current study researches how adoption stakeholders are portrayed inSwedish news media by applying a transitivity framework to analyze online newsarticles. The news articles in focus concern adoptions made in the 1970s from Chile toSweden with possible ties to human trafficking. The selected news sources were thethree most read online platforms and a fourth that was the first to report of the issue athand. The key stakeholders identified in the analysis were the adoptee, adoptionagency, biological parent, media and state authority. Transitivity analysis was used toextract features in text that could show if underlying meanings are present ordeliberately left out to convey a certain perception of an issue. The analysis showedthat agency, media and state authority were represented in a active manner, whichgave them power as social actors whereas the adoptee and biological parents wererepresented with low social power when it came to being an active agent/doer,especially in material processes. This recurrent portrayal has influence on the publicview on the issue and on social practice. From the current study the portrayal is ratherone-dimensional for the different stakeholders, which contributes to the research inmedia portrayal and can give a small insight in Swedish news media representation.Further research can from the current study results continue to investigate how narrowportrayal is reflected in public opinion or vice-versa.

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