Simulation of Gradient Formation in Cemented Carbides

University essay from KTH/Materialvetenskap

Author: Armin Salmasi; [2016]

Keywords: Cemented Carbides; Gradient; Simulation;

Abstract: The aim of the present work is to study the formation of the cubic carbide phase (gamma phase) free gradient zone and the gamma cone structure at the edges of gradient sintered cemented carbides. Four types of cemented carbides; WCTi(C,N)-Co, WC-Ti(C,N)-Ni, WC-Ti(C,N)-Fe, WC-(Ti,Ta,NB)(C,N)-Co were gradient sintered and the thicknesses of the gradients were measured. Formation of the gradients is simulated and the simulations results are compared with experimental data. For all of the one-dimensional simulations, the DICTRA [1] software is used. The two-dimensional simulations are carried out by using a new simulation tool which is called “YAPFI”. The YAPFI software is a tool for simulation of diffffusion in multiphase systems along one, two, or three spatial coordinates. Various numerical parameters have been studied by running less computationally demanding one-dimensional simulations. The optimized parameters are used to setup the two-dimensional simulations. Two different kinetic databases were used in the simulations. The effect of different so-called labyrinth factors were studied systematically. The simulation results are in close agreement with the experimental observations, although some anomalies are present in the results. Results of the two-dimensional simulations show the formation of the gamma cone at the edges of the insert.

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