Does blockchain change the music industry in a digital era? : A perspective from copyrights and how it could equitably distribute the royalties and how it can enhance the protection of the rightsholders

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Juridiska institutionen

Abstract: The digital technologies advances are growing day per day, many of them are here to give us a new perspective and help us to do many things productively and efficiently. In the last years, there is considerable debate throughout how we can implement the new technologies and how they will transform the use of intellectual property rights. In this paper, we aboard this issue from the perspective of the copyrights. Many years ago, when platforms like Spotify or Apple Music came to this world, many artists and consumers were excited. Many people that were involved in the music industry saw this as a new way to reach a global market, fight piracy, and receive many economic benefits. For the consumers, the implementation of digital platforms was a new way to discover new artists and a new way to enjoy music. In the case of consumers, many of them are still thinking the same, but what about the rightsholders? For example, there is a lot of trendy artists that it is not possible to find in Spotify due to the skepticism about how beneficial it can be this kind of technology. This work looks at how beneficial it can be to the use of blockchain technology due to make a better industry that can be profitable again for the artist.

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