Numerical model of the myosin V molecular motor

University essay from KTH/Lärande

Abstract: A variation on a numerical model of the motor protein myosin V presentedin a paper by Craig and Linke (2009) is developed. An alternative potential is proposed. All aspects of the model development arederived in detail and tested. Two model tests are created and used toconfirm the correctness of the developed model. A simulation demonstratesthat the developed model is able to produce a myosin V step. Adidactical transposition is presented in the form of a compendium, in which a numerical model of myosin V by Craig and Linke (2009) isdescribed. The didactical transposition is developed using a methodologyof didactical engineering. The didactical study indicated thatthe content was well recieved by the target group of eight individualsin respect to the scientific complexity and that it evokes motivation forlearning. The study also indicated that unsuccessful areas of the didacticaltransposition existed.

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