Good Old Things - Consuming second hand interior decoration from a practice perspective

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Author: Catharina Arnbert; Karolina Nilsson Bird; [2014-12-05]

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Abstract: The Swedish market for home furnishing has expanded during the last 20 years. There is an increase of second hand consumption and around half of Sweden’s population buys furniture and interior from others, making it one of the largest product groups. This thesis aims at describing consumption of second hand interior decoration based on the activities that can be found within this particular form of consumption and the concept of “doing” and the activities that can be found both before and after the moment of purchase are in focus. The study is inspired by practice theory and takes on an ethnographical approach based on interviews and observations in order to grasp the everyday sayings and doings of the respondents. The study reveals six themes that portray how different types of material, meaning and competence nourish and foster practices of consuming second hand interior decoration. The study further suggests that the magnitude of each of the three components shape the practice and becomes the foundation for fostering further practices. Further, the structure of the components within the individual practice has a direct impact on the perceived type of consumption that is carried out. The study reveals that consumption of second hand interior decoration is more linked to anti-consumption and a counteraction against consumption ideologies.

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