YouPic for Android – A Social Photo Sharing System.

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Syed Rameez Hussain; [2013]

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YouPic for Android is a presentation of the services offered by, on the Android platform. This is a social photo-sharing website where photographers all around the world come together to share their work and ideas, either in order to exhibit their work and gain some exposure or perhaps for some inspiration from others. One of the main targets is for photographers who travel around the world. Whatever their goal might be, this project focuses on understanding the target audience and their needs very intimately. This has been accomplished, and continues to be developed, by following a mixture of established theories in Human-Computer Interaction and also the application some human intuition, observation, logic, improvisation and creativity by the YouPic team itself.

Photographers form a creative niche in our world and providing a service to them has to be particularly specialized. The various platforms available to us such as the Web and mobile platforms also need to be specially designed in turn. This thesis describes the various textbook methods followed and improvisations made during the process of building this application. The Android platform has various tools to offer to this end and at a high level, the process may be considered for any mobile platform.

The users have been the center of the design process and we have strived to seriously consider each feedback and meet each demand, whether explicit or implied. A continuous effort to understand both the users and the technical aspects in building this application are described in the following pages. The app has hence been frequently and promptly updated since its release in December 2012.

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