Ambulance management system using GIS

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: For emergency service providers, giving their service in least time shows their best performance. Emergency hospitals will be at their best if the ambulance reaches the site in Golden hour where life of injured persons can be saved. Ambulance uses the road network to reach the accident site. Today there are many GIS based systems being developed for routing of ambulance using GPS and other real-time technologies. These systems are useful and play a major role in solving the routing problem. But now roads are so congested that it difficult for the Ambulance drivers to travel and reach the accident. In this thesis present study area is studied and problems faced by emergency service providers on road network are identified. In this thesis GIS/GPS/GSM based prototype system has been developed for routing of ambulance on road network of Hyderabad city (AMS). This prototype is designed such that it finds the accident location on the road network and locates the nearest ambulance to incident site using the real-time technologies (GPS/GSM). AMS creates the fastest route from nearest ambulance to accident site, and from there to nearest hospital. Congestion on roads during peak hours is considered, and the fastest route on both major and minor roads is created. In this thesis AMS user interface has been developed using VBA, ArcGIS (network analyst). This Ambulance management system has been developed using software engineering model rapid prototyping model and has been evaluated by GIS users

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