The Use of Promotional Activities in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Bangladesh

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för Management (MAM)

Abstract: Abstract This thesis is an attempt to investigate how the use of promotional activities can help to develop the tourism industry by giving a special concentration to the case of Bangladesh. The investigation was conducted from both a theoretical and an empirical point of view. The contribution of the same industry to the world economy is considerable. Many countries are now dependent on this sector for foreign currency earnings. Every destination country is trying to achieve more gain by developing this industry. The expansion of the tourism through out the world has increased competition among the tourist destinations, trying to attract more tourists by adopting appropriate marketing techniques and strategies. Failure of doing so by a particular marketer will lead to a less competitive in the world tourism market. As an important element of marketing mix, promotion plays the vital role in marketing any product and service. Tourism product/service is of no exception. Because of the tourists want to know in advance about the attractions and the facilities of a particular destination. The tourist also wants to know other related information of his/her visit to make the same safe, secured and enjoyable. As a result, dissemination of information on travel and tourism-related products and services are highly important. By using the different tools of promotion, marketers attempt to serve this purpose and try to influence the potential tourists’ attitudes in favour of the sponsor’s destination and grow interest to visit the same. Though promotion plays an important role in tourism marketing, the tourism marketing in Bangladesh is far behind from reaching this goal, which leads to incapacity to attract a significant number of tourists. This is mainly due to inadequate and ineffective promotional measures of the tourism sector of Bangladesh. Both the private and public tour operators of Bangladesh have the resource constraints and can not afford the sufficient budget for the promotional purpose. As a result, they can not conduct the promotional measures for the said industry by using international media which is essential for attracting the foreign tourists. They only depend on the local media which is not sufficiently fruitful for an industry where the location of the target market is diversified and they are located at the different parts of the world. In addition to that the low quality of promotional materials, improper distribution of the materials, the perceived negative image by the potential tourists due to a wrongful and negative reporting from international media adversely affect the tourism of Bangladesh. The research also revealed that the country has a positive trend in arrivals and earnings and it can be increased to a singnificant level if the country can undertake appropriate promotion measures by increasing the allocation for this purpose. The country also needs to employ creative people for this purpose and the quality of the promotional materials also needs to be developed. The promotional activities should also be directed in correcting the present image towards Bangladesh as tourists’ destination. By ensuring these measures Bangladesh tourism industry can emerge as one of the major contributors to the national economy of Bangladesh.

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