MV BLDC motor fed with cascaded cell commutated converter

University essay from KTH/Elektrisk energiomvandling

Author: Md. Rayhan; [2011]

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The purpose of this report is to study a medium voltage brushless DC (BLDC) motor for the Cascaded Cell Commutated (CCC) drive topology for high power applications. Presently AC motors and drives are dominant industrial solutions in both low and medium voltage drives. They have advanced machine design and control technology. However, the DC machines still have better speed control, higher starting torque and more power density. The main aim of this project to develop the CCC drive in order to compete better with DC motors allowing replace the brushes by electronically commutator. Firstly, the performance of a 3-phase square wave machine is compared with a conventional 3-phase sine wave machine. Then the back EMFs of 3-phase, 6-phase and 18-phase machine are observed. The phase voltages, flux densities in stator yoke and stator teeth, average torques and torque ripples are also analyzed when the machines were fed by sine and square wave current. Iron losses in stator lamination and eddy current losses in the surface mounted magnets are also investigated in this report. The relationship between the derivative of phase current and the eddy current is also analyzed. Finally, the multiphase square wave machine is co-simulated with the CCC drive using the simulation model based on Simulink, Simplorer and Maxwell2D in order to obtain a better understanding of the CCC drive.

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