Modeling and Simulation of a Vertical Wind Power Plant in Dymola/Simulink

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för industriell elektroteknik och automation

Abstract: A small wind power plant connected to the grid has been modeled in Modelica/
Dymola and controlled using external controllers written in C++. The
small wind power plant consists of three wind power units with a nominal
power of 3kW and one grid connection interconnected with an internal DCgrid.
All the controls needed for control and optimization for the operation of
the individual parts in the plant was developed and implemented. Apart from
this a managing control for the entire plant was developed and implemented.
The control developed in this project was implemented using an external
static library interconnected with Dymola, the External Object approach of implementing
objects in Modelica was also tested. The optimization algorithms
developed for the wind turbine was done in a way so that no measurements of
the wind speed is needed. The controls was developed so that they can achieve
a number of different tasks such as Reactive Power Compensation and Island
The modeling was done in Modelica using Dymola. In order to model the
power electronics involved in the system the Spot library has been utilized.
Models for the wind turbine was developed and tested.
The models and control algorithms were tested by running different test
cases. The test cases involves both normal operation and island operation.
The results was compared with grid codes from Denmark and Sweden.

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