Challenging the anonymous carrots dilemma - A qualitative study on AFNs and social sustainability in Skåne

University essay from Lunds universitet/LUCSUS

Abstract: The current conventional food system is ecologically and socially damaging, as unsustainable production patterns change people’s relationship to food. Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) have been proposed as a potential solution to the problem. This study investigates the relationship between AFNs and social sustainability in Skåne in order to provide policy suggestions on how to develop this interplay. The study follows a qualitative single case study design, based on a literature review on AFNs and sustainability, and semi-structured interviews with AFN actors. Findings show that AFNs in Skåne are concerned with increasing social sustainability in local communities and are most effective regarding spreading awareness. However, profitability and lack of support are two central aspects that seem to hinder development in this area. Further, findings indicate that revitalisation of food relations on the local level could possibly aid to strengthen the Swedish food system as a whole, although more research is needed.

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