University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Author: Joyce Oletile; [2014-02-10]

Keywords: HIV; prevention; interventions; young people;

Abstract: The study was conducted to find out how HIV prevention is mediated by Unplugged to young people in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unplugged is a voluntary youth Organisation based in Kungsgatan 35, 411 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The study sets off by exploring the methods Unplugged use to disseminate information to young people and the knowledge they want young people to have about HIV/AIDS. The study further draws in young people and explores the knowledge they want to have about HIV/AIDS and their views about Unplugged’s HIV prevention service. Finally the study investigates Unplugged service provider’s experiences in working with young people on HIV/AIDS issues. Method: 7 interviews were done, 5 with Unplugged young people and 2 with Unplugged service providers. Findings: Empirical findings show that Unplugged employs a holistic approach in dealing with young people. They don’t only focus on HIV/AIDS but look into other issues that can make young people vulnerable to diseases. Several methods are used to disseminate information to young people. These are workshops, seminars and conferences, theme evenings, condom projects, European youth exchange and the world AIDS day. Data showed that through participation in Unplugged’s programmes, young people managed to develop personality traits like assertiveness, self reflection and adopt positive behaviours like safer sex. Finally, the study revealed that some factors like high rates of sexually transmitted infections, prejudices about HIV/AIDS and fall in frequency of HIV/AIDS campaigns impacts heavily on prevention efforts.

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