THE ESSENCE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP - A conceptual test of Magnus Klofsten’s “Business Platform”

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Problem Investigation of the correlation of the business platform theoretical stance with existing external relevant theories and models and the practical applicability, tangibility and portrayal ability of the model on entrepreneurial ventures. Purpose The purpose of this thesis is to, through analysis of the areas comprising the business platform, validate that the business platform can be connected to existing theory thus implicating that it might accomplish its intended purpose. The goal of the thesis is not to validate the purpose of the business platform but to anchor the theory behind the platform with external theories. Method The research behind this report is based on a qualitative study. The theoretical approach has been emphasised but additional information has been gathered from interviews and investigations into case companies. Secondary sources, literature, have been collected from books, brochures and articles in addition to Internet. Conclusion The business platform is a relevant and interesting model for company analysis. It covers all areas of importance and there is a clear connection between the aspects of the business platform and external theories. It is expected, based on the literature study, that the business platform is capable of achieving its intended purpose.

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