Downhole Physical Property Logging of the Blötberget Iron Deposit, Bergslagen, Sweden

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper

Abstract: Geophysical methods are frequently applied in conjunction with exploration efforts to increase the understanding of the surveyed area. Their purpose is to determine the nature of the geophysical response of the subsurface, which can reveal the lithological and structural character. By combining geophysical measurements with the drill core data, greater clarity can be achieved about the structures and lithology of the borehole. The purpose of the project was to give the student an opportunity to discover borehole logging operations and to have a greater understanding of the local geology, in particular the iron mineralizations in the apatite iron ore intersected by the boreholes. In order to do this, the student participated in performing a geophysical borehole survey and analyzing the results. These were combined with a drill core log in order to cross plot the results and increase understanding.

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