Information exchange with CIM for Engergy Industry

University essay from KTH/Industriella informations- och styrsystem; KTH/Industriella informations- och styrsystem

Author: Andreas Holmlund; Richard Sjöberg; [2011]

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To produce, transfer and deliver energy within the power system, reliable and available

information systems are a part of the key to success. Information about the grid states,

outages, assets, locations, customers etc. is required to operate the business. Information

systems need to exchange information, both within a utility and with external utilities. Since

different utilities use different information systems with different information models an

incentive for a standardized information model occurs. The Common Information Model

(CIM) is an information model standardized by International Electrotechnical Commission

(IEC). Since this information model is a standard and covers many areas of business it

becomes abstract, complex and intangible. Therefore adaptation and delimitation is required

before implementation. In this study CIM is analyzed and then compatibility tested in the

context of network model data exchange. The data is provided from a network operations

unit within a company in the energy distribution business. The information exchange

specification is used to adapt CIM to the specific situation. Then the corresponding CIM

data is located in the source data. At last a transformation example is provided with a

suggested syntax. According to this study and the observations made from the sample data

an implementation should be feasible. However such an implementation will require


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