Localization and Internationalization Case study :  Pakistan (Local) vs. EU expansion opportunities and barriers for NATA Surgical International.

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet; Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet

Author: - Faisal; Muhammad Ali; [2010]

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Surgical instruments are being in use to serve human healthcare for centuries. Pakistan is one of the major countries in the world that is manufacturing and exporting hand-held quality surgical instruments throughout the world. Pakistan exports almost 50% of its produced quantity of surgical instruments to Europe and 25% to USA. In our research project we are conducting research on a small company of Pakistan. The name of the company is NATA Surgical International. The company is a small business entity located at Sialkot, a city of Pakistan. It is working with local suppliers, who export the surgical instruments to foreign countries. NATA Surgical International desires to remove this middle man barrier and wants to reach the customers directly. NATA Surgical International is looking for two opportunities; either they should start supplying surgical instruments directly to domestic hospitals or start exporting surgical instruments to foreign countries. A research was carried out by the NATA management who identified that 50% of its surgical instruments are directly exported to Europe from Pakistan. With the help of these statistics, we on behalf of NATA Surgical International try to investigate on the two different markets. This research explore the opportunities for NATA Surgical International to either expand its sales further within the domestic market, by selling directly to dealers, or in the European market. We investigate the best markets within the European countries, as well as study domestic opportunities and barriers.

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