International Trade with Waste : Do developed countries use the third world as a garbage-can or can it be a possible win-win situation?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Nationalekonomiska institutionen


In this thesis, trade with waste between developed countries and the third world will be presented to analyze whether waste‐trading can create a possible win-win situation. To carry on this question problem, three theories have been considered to explain why and how developing countries can be affected by international waste-trade. A few case-studies regarding waste-trade in developing countries such as, India, China and Vietnam, will show the situation of waste-trade today. These theories and case-studies will set the foundation for analysis and conclusion. To sum up, trade with waste is a complex problem that can affect the importing country in both positive and negative ways. If the negative externality that is caused by handling waste is controlled with a tax or regulation, trade with waste can be a win-win situation for the trading countries.

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