The antecedents of volunteering What drives volunteers and their will to help others?

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: The aim of this thesis was three-fold. First, the goal was to investigate the psychological sourcesto volunteering behaviour and why people choose to volunteer in a broad sense by comparingand evaluating current theories, frameworks and hypotheses. Second, through conducting anempirical investigation of some of the theorized psychological sources for volunteering, theaim was to test the most relevant theories and studies done on the topic and their capacity topredict volunteering behaviour. With this goal in mind, an internet survey was distributedamongst volunteers active in non-profit organisations and initiatives in Sweden. Finally, muchof the research done on volunteering has been conducted in outside Sweden, which makes itvaluable to look at the theories of volunteering in a different and local context to see if anycultural differences exist that have previously not been taken into account. Results of theempirical investigation are mixed, with varying degree of significant correlations andrelationships between the psychological concepts recorded and the commitment tovolunteering.

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