Electricity Production from Concentrated Solar Power and PV System in Ethiopia

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap

Author: Misrak A. Tefera; [2019]

Keywords: Eecticity production; CSP; PV System;

Abstract: Ethiopia has been facing problems regarding power generation, distribution, balancingbetween demand and supply and access to modern energy service. About 92.4% of energysupply is from biomass (mostly in traditional) 5.7% oil which is not friendly with theenvironment and about 1.6% of energy supply is from renewable energy resource,hydropower plants.Being dependent on hydropower plant causes the country to face many challenges indistribution and balancing demand and supply. This thesis provides another way ofconsidering and implementing renewable energy resource (solar energy resource) throughtechnologies like grid-connected roof mounted solar PV system and CSP plant with the helpof PVGIS, PVWatt and SAM software.This thesis aims to come up with an idea that will work out for current engineering, socialand political issue that is seen in the country. Considering new way in planting PV system onthe roof is strongly recommended and increasing the alternative sites for power generationalong with the appropriate technology is recommended as another way. The possibility andpower generating efficiency is checked through each application.Based on the demonstration in all software’s used, it is clearly visible that the country couldhave been satisfied the needed demand and become the hub of east Africa as mentioned inthe policy and strategy. However, this dependency causes the country to insufficiently supplythe need. Apart from the possibilities and estimation, ideas that might help the country tocome over these challenges are provided in recommendation section.

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