Intrusion detection for grid and cloud computing

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik

Author: Vamsi Popuri; [2011]

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In today’s life providing security has become more cumbersome because of all the malicious possibilities in data transmission, so we need a system which makes data transmission more secure beyond encryption, passwords and digital signatures. The system that we are discussing in this thesis is an Intrusion Detection System, which is a platform that provides security in the distributed systems.


This paper also attempts to explain the drawbacks in conventional system designs, which results in low performance due to network congestion and less data efficiency. We consider cloud and grid computing systems to improve the performance of the system. Cloud systems are characterized by a main server and other connected servers which provide certain services. Cloud systems, especially public cloud systems are prone to intrusions and care must be taken to secure the system. The emphasis in this thesis is to make cloud systems secure using intrusion detection system. Intrusion detection can be performed using either behaviour based or knowledge based techniques or both. We use UML as a tool to design the system, which helps in reducing the design complexity.

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