Developing a Human-Machine-Interface with high usability

University essay from KTH/Data- och elektroteknik

Abstract: When developing a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) it is important to make sure that it is easy to learn and use, to have high usability. If it does not, the operator of the machine suffers unnecessarily and it also becomes harder to sell for the producer of the machine. The effectiveness and efficiency of the machine drops down when it is hard to operate. To make it easier for future developers to reach a high usability factor when developing a HMI, this thesis aimed to find a carefully prepared process to follow when doing so. The result was a process that was tested out with a HMI prototype for waterjet cutting machines. This prototype was then tested in different use cases by both experienced operators as well as beginners. The testing produced positive feedback on the prototype, proving that the process that had been followed was being successful.

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