Remot management at Global Manufacturing, Volvi Trucks corporation

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Programmet för personal- och arbetslivsfrågor

Abstract: Remote management is a concept increasing in importance as a result of theglobalisation process. During 2006, Global Manufacturing at Volvo Trucksimplemented a global matrix organization. With this, the challenges of remotemanagement surfaced and because of that, they commissioned this thesis.This thesis aims at investigating how remote management is practiced today andhow it might improve. The principal also wants to find out if there are anysynergies not used to their full extent. Furthermore they wish to find ways toincrease the employees’ sense of affiliation with the Volvo Trucks organization,as they have consolidated their organization through purchase of others. In thesenew units, there is also the question of how to implement the corporate culture,the Volvo Way, in an effective way. As requested by the principal the study is acombination of a theoretical study of the recent research findings and aninvestigative interview survey. The equally distributed 15 interviews wereconducted internally as well as in internal and external benchmarked companies.With theories regarding areas such as remote management, motivation,sensemaking, corporate culture and speed leading, we were able to draw someconclusions from our interviews. Finally, we ended up with a list of five proposalsto Global Manufacturing.

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