Implementation of a Gigabit IP router on an FPGA platform

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik

Author: Tobias Borslehag; [2005]

Keywords: Network on chip; NOC; SocBUS; Router; IP; Ethernet;

Abstract: The computer engineering group at Linköping University has parts of their research dedicated to networks-on-chip and components used in network components and terminals. This research has among others resulted in the SoCBUS NOC and a flow based network protocol processor. The main objective of this project was to integrate these components into an IP router with two or more Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. A working system has been designed and found working. It consists of three main components, the input module, the output module and a packet buffer. Due to the time constraint and the size of the project the packet buffer could not be designed to be as efficient as possible, thus reducing the overall performance. The SoCBUS also has negative impact on performance, although this could probably be reduced with a revised system design. If such a project is carried out it could use the input and output modules from this project, which connect to SoCBUS and can easily be integrated with other packet buffers and system designs.

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