Är GPS-styrning lönsamt

University essay from SLU/Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Abstract: GPS is perhaps the future in agriculture. The next years will show it but the precision becomes only better and better and the number of users becomes only more and more. This work shows experiences from today's users and how the profitability can be improved on a farm with normal plant cultivation. The aim is to show how big the actual advantage can be to have a GPS and how good precision there is with the equipment. John Deere and Trimble are the big producers of GPS equipment to the agriculture. They are two American companies and both are represented on the Swedish market. Both companies offer several alternatives regarding precision and control alternatives in the tractor. For example RTK-solutions, as simplified, with base-stations can be what ensure that there is a prolonged precision. The interviews in the paper tell clearly about the users' experiences from GPS. Often, they mean, that it slimmed-down the overlap and that is a thing that they intended most for in the beginning when they got the equipment and that they now see so many other advantages. The most valuable advantage with GPS is often the benefits for the staff. Many users will probably never again buy a tractor without auto control in the future. Experiments that were implemented the autumn 2007 shows that the precision is incredible, down to a few centimeters. Gradually as the products ascends in pinch this equipment gets to become even more interesting. All interval users say that they never again want to buy a tractor or other machine without GPS. Gradually as the number of sold GPS-equipment becomes more, perhaps the price also will fall.

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