Activating Amiralsgatan through Urban Regeneration

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Author: Sara Ebrahimi; [2021]

Keywords: Arts and Architecture;

Abstract: Amiralsgatan, Rosengård, is a highway area in Malmö. It consists of segregated streets with no connection between them with limited social activities. Rosengård’s population is mainly immigrants, living in the Million Housing Program, hence low-wage living, which makes them segregated from the rest of Malmö. The aim of this project is to integrate Rosengård into the rest of Malmö by achieving a healthy social blend and create a safer neighborhood. The area will have different activities for the people living there that will also attract newcomers to the area. These new developments will encourage freedom of expression through arts, music, and sports activities. The new activities will be blended with the old functions, which will diversify the area. The project will be achieved by the process of urban regeneration. The concept project is divided into phases, concentrating on activating the highway with several types of activities along the way in addition to different types of housing. These activities and different housing will make Rosengård a thriving place to live in, additionally will attract people to visit the district and will encourage new people to move into the area, thus creating multi-cultural. socially integrated and at the same time making it a safe area to live in.

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