Stockholm Roofscape Revisited

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


STOCKHOLM Roofscape Revisited is the vision of a vertical densification and continuation of the 19th century city. A translation that negotiates the historicity of Stockholm´s cityscape with a contemporary approach, drawing on the existing while projecting forward.

Starting from the specific characteristics of  each building that I´ve worked with, the continuation materializes through vertical additions that aim at being playful amplifications of each building´s stylistic language, adhering to the past wile suggesting something new.


THE PROJECT deals with our relation to the architecture of the 19th century city as a central bearer of western history and identity. It investigates the possibility of negotiating the formal diversity and richness of Stockholms historicistic and eclectic styles with a contemporary approach that uses the dreamscapes and fictional imagery from to the world of comics and film, as reference and speculative tool. 

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