Emigration and Political Stability : A quantitative analysis on the effects of emigration on political stability in developing states

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: In this thesis, the relationship between emigration and political stability is explored.  The scope is limited to emigration from developing states to 20 OECD destination countries. The relationship is analysed with OLS regression with a host of democratic and stability controls. The variables are motivated by employing a theoretical framework constructed by reviewing previous theories and research where diverse consequences of emigration are discussed, such as brain drain, remittances, and governance. The regression hints at a positive relationship between emigration and political stability but remains largely statistically insignificant. Some major takeaways are that developing countries with greater democratic indicators have generally higher emigration rates and lower political instability. These results point to emigration as an overall positive force for developing countries, but dependent on how the country is governed.

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