Construction Development and Consequences of Job Satisfaction : Banking Sector of Pakistan

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Abstract: Title: Construction, Development and Consequences of Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector of PakistanLevel: Second CycleAuthor: Muhammad Naveed Iqbal and Sidra RizviSupervisor: Dr. Maria Fregidou-MalamaDate: 2012, February.Purpose: This study investigates job satisfaction concepts by considering jobs satisfaction factors, leader/manager’s behavior and effects of job satisfaction in the form of organizational efficiency and individual efficiency. It studies the construction, development and consequences of job satisfaction.Design/methodology: The data is collected from commercial bank in Pakistan through a survey by using two different questionnaires, one for employees and one for managers. SPSS technique was used for data analysis.Result & Conclusion: The job satisfaction factors and manager behavior are the input in construction and development of employees’ job satisfaction. Six factors: (promotion, pay, benefit, rewards coworkers and job responsibilities) and managerial style: (middle to the road managerial style) are the most important basis to build the satisfaction level of the employees. Satisfaction/dissatisfaction of an employee affects the organizational efficiency as well as individual efficiency.Contribution: This research helps researchers to use the created model for further extensive research on job satisfaction. It helps the organizations to assess the status of their employee in regard of job satisfaction. Managers can manage polices related to factors and design training accordingly for the desired leadership behavior according to employees preference.Further Suggestion: This research is done in one department of commercial bank in Pakistan. Increase in sample size could produce comprehensive results. National culture effect is ignored in this research that helps to look on different consequences of job satisfaction assessment according to country’s culture. More service sectors such as hospital, insurance, telecommunication etc. should be considered to get more general results.Originality: This research presents construction, development of employee job satisfaction through factors and manager/leader behavior and its results in the form of consequences of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Employees, Job Satisfaction Factors, Manager/Leader

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