Landsbygdsturism och dess förutsättningar : en jämförandestudie kring vilka resurser som krävs för ett framgångsrikt entreprenörskap

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Economics

Abstract: Many jobs in rural areas have historically been linked to the agricultural sector. The restructuring that has been implemented in agriculture has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of jobs in rural areas. A consequence of this is that many people have moved to cities to earn a living. To maintain a living countryside in Sweden, it is therefore essential to create alternative livehoods in rural areas. An industry that can have a major impact in the future is rural tourism. There are several reasons for rural areas to invest in this industry. Since the sector is less cyclical, predicted a good future and involves a diverse industrial base covered many of the criteria necessary for a living countryside. The essay focuses on the resources that tourism related businesses in rural areas in need of. This is done by a theoretical analysis on necessary resources and its meaning is then applied to two municipalities, Norrtälje in Stockholm and Åre in Jämtland county. The reason that these municipalities have been chosen is the regional onset conditions, and that tourism is an important part of the municipalities' commercial and industrial life. The approach of the work has been the literature in form of textbooks to find the theoretical fact as empirical since founded in. In order to find facts about the two places, tourism and environment statistics, the internet has been the main source. The reason is that Internet has a large selection and is updated more often than printed literature. The conclusion of this study is that network and legitmititet is central to the success of the two places. Through a well-functioning network and a high legitimacy it is easier to get resources as a touristbased company is in need of. The conditions therefore increase for a successful enterprise in the locality. Networking and legitimacy also creates opportunities to explore lucrative business opportunities which will further improve conditions for success.

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