Data-driven design for sustainable behavior : A case study in using data and conversational interfaces to influence corporate settlement

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Abstract: Interaction with digital products and interfaces concern more and more of human decision-making and the problems regarding environmental, financial and social sustainability are consequences much due to our behavior. The issues and goals of sustainable development therefore implies how we have to think differently about digital design. In this paper, we examine the adequacy of influencing sustainable behavior with a data-driven design approach, applying a conversational user interface. A case study regarding the United Nation’s goals of technological development and economic distribution was conducted, to see if a hypothetical business with a proof-of-concept digital product could be effective in influencing where companies base their operations. The test results showed a lack of usability and influence, but still suggested a potential with language-based interfaces. Even though the results could not prove anything, we argue that leveraging data analysis to design for sustainable behavior could be a very valuable strategy. A data-driven approach could enable ambitions of profit and user experience to coincide with those of sustainability, within a business organization.

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