Integration in Perspective: An ethnic-based analysis towards understanding the integration of immigrants in Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/LUMID International Master programme in applied International Development and Management

Abstract: Previous research has uncovered that immigrants from Somalia are one immigrant group that have struggled to integrate in Sweden. In light of this, I employ an ethnic-based approach with the intent to understand the difficulties that immigrants from Somalia encounter in Sweden by examining their own perceptions of integration. The study utilizes a qualitative case study approach and draws on data collected through semi-structured individual interviews and focus group discussions. The analytical framework of this study is inspired by Toumas Martikainen’s multi-perspective approach to integration in which integration is scrutinized from multiple angles and perspectives. Finally, the study puts forth that the subjective perceptions of Somali immigrants regarding integration could be better understood within the context of certain cultural and political features which provide explanations to the integration struggles and difficulties that Somalis face in Sweden. Finally, the findings of the research include that there is a clear deviation of understanding regarding the basic notion of integration among Somali immigrants that is contrary to that of the official Swedish government.

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