Evaluation of the China's Entry into the WTO

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Ekonomiska institutionen


Background: After 15 years of negotiations and diplomatic struggle, China was finally given the formal approval to join the World Trade Organization as the 143rd member. China has been driving for years to join the WTO since that is a crucial part of its plan to reform its economy and to build the economic modernization.

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to gain a general knowledge of China’s economic development, analysis advantages and disadvantages associated with China’s WTO membership as well as to answer the questions addressed.

Methodology: This thesis is based on qualitative method, and the information is gathered through the secondary data. Plenty of statistical data is involved in this research, especially economical information, such as market share, rate of economic growth and percentage of foreign investment.

Key findings: China's entry into the World Trade Organization is a historic step in the country's process of reform, and it marks a new phase in China's opening up to the outside world. It will encourage China to move in the direction of meeting the demands of the Chinese people for openness, modernization, and healthy development of the national economy. Moreover, it will also contribute to other countries’ economic social, scientific, intellectual, and political life.

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