Djurskyddskontroll av reptiler och sällskapsfåglar. Kan djurskyddsinspektören göra en bra bedömning?

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

Abstract: Reptiles and birds are animals that many people don’t have much experience of, so it can be difficult to do a proper animal protection assessment of these animals. It’s hard to determine if these animals is skinny, fat or in good shape, to do that it demands handling of the animal and not many inspectors that works with animal protection have experience of handling reptiles and birds. To see if a reptile or a bird is ill is difficult, when the bird or reptile looking sick it’s often too late to do something. is a sell and buy page on the internet there many animals switch owner. During this paper it was discovered that in many advertisements of reptiles and birds, especially turtles, it didn’t say what species the animal was. Lack of that sort of information can create many serious problems if the animal gets the wrong diet, living environment and care. Animal protector inspectors in different counties work different. In some counties the inspectors is responsible for a group of animals while in other counties the inspectors are doing controls on every group of animals.

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