Automated Cross-Border Mutual Legal Assistance in Digital Forensics (AUTOMLA) : A global realized Enterprise Architecture

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad

Abstract: Organized cybercrime has no borders in cyberspace. This paper suggests a state-of-the-art architected solution for a global Automated cross-border mutual legal assistance system within Digital Forensic (AUTOMLA). The Enterprise framework with technical viewpoint enables international collaboration between sovereign countries Fusion Centers. The evaluation concludes a user interface built in React, middleware Apollo with schema support linked to graph database Neo4j. GraphQL is the preferred application protocol over REST. Fusion Centers API is deployed as federated gateways, and business functions are implemented as PaaS serverless services.  Its intuitive modeling Forensics in graphs, semantic networks enables causality and inference. All suggested elements in AUTOMLA are forming an internationally agreed collaborative platform; the solution for fast cross-border crime investigations. AUTOMLA deployed on the Internet is a subject for threats. Risks are mitigated in design guided by security frameworks. The recommended development method is agile, distributed in between autonomous teams. 

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