Attityder till Digital Badges i undervisningen på högstadiet

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem; Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem

Author: Ivan Larsson Rivera; Viktor Sucksdorff; [2017]

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Abstract: Students motivation is a problem for a lot of Swedish elementary school students today and it affects results negatively. In this paper we try to identify students attitude towards Digital Badges, a concept used for increasing motivation in video games, and what teachers think about the concept. We also find out how to design Digital Badges in education for elementary school. Based on current research about gamification and motivational theories we create a digital exam for students to try. After that we conducted focus groups with the students in which we discussed their perception and what their attitudes towards Digital Badges was. We also conducted interviews with teachers and, combined with the results from the focus groups, the results of the interview were analyzed for our conclusion. The results of this paper are that Swedish elementary school students attitude towards Digital Badges in education are overall good. We also created a requirements specification regarding how to design Digital Badges for education at elementary school. 

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