Prediction of Expected Life Length of Motor Locks : Master Thesis in Electronics, Mälardalen University

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik


ASSA AB develops different types of products that can be used in or around doors. ASSA offers a complete door solution to the customers. Many of these products are linked together and work for a complete formation of access control. ASSA has recently developed a new communications bus for some of their products. One advantage of the new communication bus is that each product should be able to offer different kinds of added values to the customers.

This master thesis main focus is to find a model to describe the predicted life length of ASSA:s motor lock called 811C50, which includes a study that determine which environmental parameters that can affects the motor locks life length. This master thesis is also a pre-study for further work of an existing motor lock.

The chosen test model, full parameter test, leads to a life length equation. This equation shall later on be implemented in the motor locks so the motor locks itself can predict its own life length. To make the equation completed different parameters, that can affect the motor locks life length, are needed. This can be implemented through different technological tests and to succeed with the test, right test equipment is needed. No establish test equipment was available, which required that new test equipment, which could test all motor locks, were build. On the bases from interviews with engineers at ASSA it was established that the following parameters probably can affect the motor locks life length: temperature, air humidity, dust, corrosion, side load and vibration. Not until certain factors and coefficients have been determined, for the equation, can the equation be used.

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