Wearable Fall Detection using Barometric Pressure Sensor

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för elektronikkonstruktion

Abstract: Wearable wireless sensor devices, which are implemented by deploying sensor nodes on objects, are widely utilized in a broad field of applica-tions, especially in the healthcare system for improving the quality of life or monitoring different types of physical data from the observed objects. The aim of this study is to design an in-home, small-size and long-term wearable fall detection system in wireless network by using barometric pressure sensing for elderly or patient who needs healthcare monitoring. This threshold-based fall detection system is to measure the altitude of different positions on the human body, and detect the fall event from that altitude information. As a surveillance system, it would trigger an alert when the fall event occurs so that to protect people from the potential life risk by immediate rescue and treatment. After all the performances evaluation, the measurement result shows that standing, sitting and fall state was detected with 100% accuracy and lying on bed state was detected with 93.3% accuracy by using this wireless fall detection system. Furthermore, this system with low power consumption on battery-node can operate continuously up to 150 days.

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