Digitalization in Talent Acquisition : A Case Study of AI in Recruitment

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och industriell teknik

Abstract: The trend of changing technology has affected different sectors including human resources in the process of recruitment and selection. Different technology solutions offer various benefit for recruitment practices especially in terms of efficiency outcome while it seems to overlook the relationship outcomes. Whether or not to have a balance approach depends on how a firm views their own recruitment process. The purpose of this study is to understand firm’s orientation towards its approach in performing recruiting practices. The analysis and discussion is articulated through the phenomenon of AI in recruiting with the interplay of different views especially from human resources and operations management. This study follows an inductive qualitative single case study that involves 11 HR professionals to participate in semi-structured interviews. The data analysis is performed with thematic analysis to develop grounded theory which is based on approach introduced by Gioia (see Corley and Gioia, 2004; Gioia et al., 2013). The findings proposed by this study is TOP framework which covers competitive advantage through operations, redefining customer orientation, and process enhancement through collaboration.

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