Causes, Experiences, and Consequences of Ethnic Food Consumption: A Case Study of Korean Restaurants in Sweden

University essay from Umeå universitet/Kulturgeografi

Author: Kim Dohee; [2018]

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Abstract: This study aims to investigate relations among causes, experiences, and consequences of consuming Korean food at Korean restaurants in Sweden. With a specific focus on Korean food in Stockholm, where most of the Korean restaurants in Sweden are located in, this study identifies significant push and pull factors regarding ethnic food experience at ethnic restaurants and consequences affected by actual customer experience. Based on knowledge and insights from related studies in the mobility, hospitality and tourism literature, food consumption and sociological research, 21 push and pull factors are identified and the levels of expectation and satisfaction are measured. Relations between customer satisfaction and the consequences of Korean food experience at Korean restaurants are also examined. A survey designed for those who have been to Korean restaurants in Stockholm was distributed via online communities. The findings identify perceptions, satisfaction and future behavior intention of consumers at Korean restaurants in Stockholm. Also, the findings present significant relationships among causes, experiences, and consequences of consuming Korean food. It suggests that food and service are important factors to attract customers to Korean restaurants and that Korean restaurants need to improve food and service attributes for better customer satisfaction, which can result in the positive future behavioral intention of customers. Also, the relationship between Korean food experience and intention to travel to Korea, in general terms, food-induced tourism, need to be further studies, as it can be useful for Korean tourism organizations and destination marketers to make strategies in order to attract more tourists from Sweden.

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