THE RESURGENCE OF RUSSIA - A case study examining the reasons for the Kremlin to intervene in Syria and its new modus operandi -

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Abstract: This study focuses on how Russia, in modern days, through historical and current relations with Syria, is reasserting itself as a global political force to be reckoned with. The research methodology chosen is a comparative case study that uses qualitative research methods to develop the case based on existing data. The theoretical framework is primarily based on two theorists, representing the two major schools in international relations: realism and liberalism. By applying the two popular theories and discussing their relevance to Russia’s approach, it allows for a rationalisation of the intervention. Moscow’s involvement in Syria has become a turning point in the U.S. led, multilateral world order of today. Since the dissolvement of the Soviet Union, liberalism appeared to be Russia’s only way to go on the international stage. The study however finds that the U.S. often uses “multilateralist cooperation” flexibly in regards that suit its interest; with the purpose of achieving consensus for its policies. Russia is following a realist approach in Syria and figures that if liberals can interpret the role of multilateral decision making in an easy-going manner, then they can too. The study concludes by claiming that this ideological divide has turned Syria into a battleground where Russia wants to show what it is capable of.

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