The role of modern mobile and social media communications : Case of SMEs’ marketing activities

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/Internationella Handelshögskolan

Abstract: Background: In today’s world mobile marketing and social media marketing are playing a significant role. The reason for this is a global digitalization that effects a lot of interactions between clients and organizations. In that situation small and medium-seized enterprises (SMEs) are challenged to exist and generate revenue. Huge corporations also observe the change in the business landscape, however it is much easier for them to adapt as they have way more resources and expertise concerning marketing in ‘digital era’. As the market becomes more competitive SMEs have to act wisely, but they do not always have necessary knowledge. Purpose: Consequently, the purpose of this thesis is to determine whether using SMM and mobile marketing brings value to the SMEs and have proven andmeasurable positive outcomes on sales of the company. Method: As the research explores the topic of SMM and mobile marketing in relationwith SMEs the decision was made that main source of data will be executives and marketing practitioners of the companies who use social media in their business activity. The research method will be exploratory, with induction as the primary research approach. Hence, semi-structured interviews were chosen as empirical data source. Finally, 12 interviews were held with companies from various business sectors from Russia and Sweden. Qualitative research gives an opportunity to investigate such a developing area find out certain business insights and vision from the companies that would be difficult to find out otherwise. Results & Contribution: First of all, the thesis has a theoretical contribution. The theoretical framework can give a deeper understanding of the subject for marketing practitioners and executives. As the theory moves forward on such a popular topic some of the instruments may have been left aside, whereas the conceptual framework can grab the attention and reveal the tools of SMM and mobile marketing that were not used by the companies. Furthermore, research has a comprehensive empirical analysis of the subject. The 12 semi-structured interviews covered all the areas that were previously examined in theoretical part. SMEs can use the practical part as a foundation to build their own marketing strategy. Such a strategy may be a complex platform for achieving results. Whereas, the participants share insights and vision on the subject.

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